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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

How far will you travel for a wedding?

We work out of La Jolla, CA and primarily service Southern California in the San Diego metro area. Our rule of thumb is that travel up to ~60 miles is included in our packages. We may request reimbursement for travel (airfare, lodging, gas, etc.) for distances further than ~60 miles from San Diego. 

What is the deposit and what types of payment do you accept?


Our typical deposit is around $600, but may increase for some of our more expensive packages, and is expected at the time of booking. We accept Paypal, Venmo, and check.

Do you offer wedding photography services as well as videography?

We specialize in wedding videography. However, all our cameras are ultra HD/4K and we record video ranging from 24 frames per second (fps) to 120 fps, depending on what we are recording. 24 fps is standard for cinema and 120 fps is slow motion, for reference. Therefore, we are able to provide couples with high resolution still shots taken from our videos as requested. Examples of these photos can be found on our Instagram page, @JonOsterVideo.

How soon can we expect our videos?


We aim to deliver digital files as soon as possible, often within two weeks, but this will ultimately depending on how busy we are at different times of the year. We guarantee video delivery within four weeks of your ceremony or event date.


How do we receive our videos?

We typically provide digital delivery of video files via Google Drive, and these files remain available online for 3 months (we will notify you prior to taking them down). Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a physical copy of your videos on a flash drive or external hard drive (included in our more expensive packages).

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